In November of last year I wanted a convenient way to carry my jounral, pens, and Kindle together. These items easily fit into my backpack I use for my day job. But sometimes I don’t want to carry my laptop and chargers and everything else I usually carry to and from the office.

I wanted something that would make it easy to keep my writerly items together so I could easily remove them from my backpack in one motion.

So I took advantage of a Black Friday deal and bought the diodrio A5 zipper journal cover.

diodrio A5 zipper journal cover as featured on Amazon diodrio A5 zipper journal cover—Image courtsey of product listing on Amazon

This cover isn’t a necessity. But it packs a lot of convenience for what I paid for it: less than $11.

🗒️ Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the product or any of the companies mentioned in this review. I bought this product with my own money and wrote this review by choice.

diodrio A5 zipper journal cover specifications

Below are some highlights featured on the Amazon product listing:

  • Dimensions: 6.9" x 9.8"
  • Can hold A5 notebook or notepad
  • Zipper to keep contents secure
  • 2 front pouches to hold pens or other items
  • Inside features:
    • 3 card slots
    • 1 mesh pocket
  • Water resistant cover
    (I have not tested this feature and have no plans to do so.)
  • List price: $22.99
  • Price I paid: $10.99

🗒️ Note: This item was listed at $11.99 on January 29, 2023. So it may be on sale, depending on when you’re reading this review.

Use and experience

This cover works as expected. And at a great price.

The cover has plenty space to hold a thick A5 journal. Mine is holding an A5 journal from SAKAEtp, with 368 pages of 68gsm Tomoe River paper. Whether the cover can hold your journal of choice will also depend on what else you hold inside the cover.

The inside of my cover holds a journal and my Kindle Oasis.

And my front pocket holds a few pens and a mechanical pencil.

One of the front pockets can hold an iPhone 7 without a case. (Do what you will with that information.)

Because the cover can hold an A5 notebook or notepad, you can use one of the slots for extra storage. Maybe for a few sticky notes.

diodrio A5 zipper journal cover inside notebook and notepad pockets Photo courtesy of Amazon product listing

The product listing boasts that the cover includes a strap for easy carrying. But it adds little to no value for me. I prefer to hold and carry the cover like a large hardcover book.

Is the diodrio A5 zipper journal cover worth it?

For the price I paid—$10.99 plus tax—the answer is YES.

Is it worth the list price of $22.99? That question is harder to answer because I didn’t pay full price.

But I’m again leaning toward yes.

This cover includes a lot of storage options in a neat, tiny package.

I can’t yet speak to the cover’s long-term durability. But it’s held up well in my first couple months of use. I haven’t tried to destroy the cover. But I also haven’t been the gentlest with it due to its low price.

This cheap cover has scratched itches I’ve had for more expensive covers such as the zip folios from Galen Leather for $119.

There are certainly nicer (and more expensive) covers out there. But it’s hard to imagine many more practical than the diodrio A5 zipper journal cover on sale.