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I never met Frosty, but something tells me he was all right.

from the cemetery in Terlingua, TX

The paradox of struggle from The Daily Dad:

Struggle makes us who we are, yet we wouldn’t wish it on our kids.

In which Mark Manson argues that goals are good until they’re not

A snippet about why we think the world is full of horrible people from Mark Manson’s newsletter

Confession: I once wrote an instruction manual for using a chimney starter for a technical writing class, but I almost always have problems starting my fire with a chimney starter.

I am a fraud.

Giving micro.blog a shot

Who knows how long I’ll stick around with micro.blog. I have a habit of moving my site from host to host lately. But so far I like what I see, so it’s worth a shot.

πŸ“ If you’re looking to brush up on your writing skills, I recommend Writing and Editing: Word Choice and Word Order on Coursera. Patrick Barry gets writing on multiple levels.

πŸ“ Video: What makes a word “real”?

The ProtΓ©gΓ© Effect - Why teaching someone else is the best way to learn

β€œStudents enlisted to tutor others, these researchers have found, work harder to understand the material, recall it more accurately and apply it more effectively.β€œ

Related video

πŸŽ™How Big Tech Kicked Parler Offline from The Journal.

Even if removing Parler from the internet was the right thing to do, there’s still reason for concern.

πŸ“ Alliteration + The Rule of Three = Awesome

πŸ“ I recently learned “The Animal Farm Principle” for productivity:

All hours are equal, but some hours are more equal than others.

My favorite picture I took when I visited Oregon in 2018

The fort and the father and daughter make me think of The Road by Cormac McCarthy.

πŸŽ™ Podcast recommendation: Hidden Brain

Episode: Waiting Games

A look at how waiting can be torturous and how we can better handle the uncertainty

πŸ“ A short video explaining why words matter

πŸ“ Passive Resistance - A short article in which Steven Pinker argues that passive voice ain’t all bad

Throwback to the early days of the pandemic when Cottontail Joe would drop in the backyard and say hey.

I wonder where he is, who he’s with, if he thinks of me…

Interesting thoughts from Mark Manson about the relationship between culture and the internet

πŸ“ Check out Good with Words on Coursera if you’re looking for a class to help you brush up on your writing. Patrick Barry is the kind of professor I wish I had taken in college.

Every Day is Significant

Every day is significant. No day is more special than any other because every day is one that will never repeat.

πŸ“ Today is not National Punctuation Day, but a writing class introduced me to this article I thought worth sharing: Writers’ Favorite Punctuation Marks.

(For the record, I love me some em dashes.)

I randomly thought about this guy tonight.

A relaxing night outside with the dog

The alien grave in Aurora, Texas, is home to one of my favorite tales.

The alien grave in Aurora, Texas