Video: Being Inconsistent Slowly Ruins Your Life This is timely for me, as I’m trying to regain my morning writing routine

Video: How James Cameron Changed Ripley, a look at the differences in Ripley’s feminimity between Alien and Aliens ๐Ÿ“

Video: High School from Casually Explained

Why the Texas Power Grid Failed from The Journal ๐ŸŽ™

I finally realized why my internet bill went up recently: to pay for all these damn ads and up-sells they mail me.

“It’s coming right for us!”

Inside the old George Bush home in Midland, TX

Our world has never been so divided. Literally.

A couple years ago, my son picked up this bookmark and said, “It’s you, Daddy,” alerting me that I am literally his model for what it means to be a man. No pressure, son. No pressure.

I’m a pessimist at heart and have even made the case that 2021 may be worse than 2020, but it’s feeling as if there may be reason for optimism.

The Food and Drug Administration said Friday evening that it will โ€œrapidly workโ€ to authorize the Johnson & Johnson single-shot coronavirus vaccine, shortly after an expert committee unanimously recommended the vaccine. from The Washington Post

An abandoned car and RV in Terlingua, TX

The Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, TX

The old scout shack in Texon, TX

The smokestack monument in Thurber, TX

Inside the former Reagan County courthouse in Stiles, TX

The former Reagan County courthouse in Stiles, TX

Our last visit to Fry’s, in January 2020. I had never before been sad to see a store withering away. I wasted so much money here and bought my son so many 50-cent ninja men from the gumball-style machines at the front of the store. RIP in peace, Fry’s

Seth Godin on why “where do you get your ideas” might not be the right question

The Lessons of 2020 and Beyond

2020 is behind us, but the mood carries on, so we find ourselves in limbo, able to reflect on our recent past while still experiencing it.

On December 31, it seemed as if most people were optimistic that 2021 was going to be instantly better than 2020. But as the coronavirus has persisted and after the Capitol riots, a co-worker and I agreed that 2021 is just 2020 overtime. I’m glad I prepared myself for the possibility that 2021 may suck harder than 2020.

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Why not spend one extra hour a day in your Bubble and see what happens? Make Your Own Bubble in 10 Easy Steps by Bryan Caplan

Reading Ernest Hemingway’s In Our Time makes me realize that I don’t dislike Hemingway–I dislike Hemingway’s novels. His short stories are top notch. ๐Ÿ“š

Texas is freezing, but the roast of Ted Cruz is on

A video about the power of ambiguity in storytelling via The Last of Us WARNING: Spoilers plenty Joel Did Nothing Wrong - The Importance Of Ambiguity

This morning is the first in nearly two weeks I’ve risen early, done some writerly stuff, and eased into my day. I have been struggling without my routine.