Let’s kill title case once and for all. Except for in one specific situation—when writing titles.

But for everything else, kill title case and use sentence case instead.

Title case has no place in:

  • Blog headings
  • UX/UI
  • Calls to action (CTAs)
  • Sentences

Title case is a pain to read.

Switching between capital and lowercase letters makes readers uneasy. Too many capital letters make reading confusing. Readers ask themselves if the capitalized words are proper nouns or important words. Title case makes readers think too much. And that’s a no-no. (Steve Krug wrote a whole book about why that’s a bad idea.)

While ALL CAPS may come across as rude, they’re actually more considerate because at least they’re consistent.

Unless you’re writing a title, capitalize only the first letter and then any proper nouns that follow.

Just say no to title case. Choose sentence case.

Let’s be real: Your readers likely won’t thank you for using sentence case over title case. But your writing will be easier to read.

And, really, ain’t that what this whole writing thing is all about?