If you’ve ever sought advice to combat writer’s block or to rediscover inspiration, you’ve likely stumbled upon the advice to go on a walk. And if you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, I would amend that advice by recommending you take a walk on the Rock Art Tail in Grapevine’s Parr Park.

The Parr Park Rock Art Trail is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a path lined with painted and decorated rocks. The rocks come in all sizes, shapes, and flavors.

Unsurprisingly, many works professed the creator’s love of the Great State.

A rock at the Parr Park Rock Art Trail with major Texas cities and regions

Some rocks celebrated alma maters or cartoon and comic book characters. Some were pieces of larger works.

Rocks at the Parr Park Rock Art Trail forming a rainbow

Some rocks were products of their time. A rock at the Parr Park Rock Art Trail dedicated to someone who died of COVID-19

A rock of a heart wearing a mask for COVID at the Parr Park Rock Art Trail

Some rocks were intended to be inspirational.

A rock at the Parr Park Rock Art Trail painted with “Broken is still beautiful”

Some sought to give practical advice.

A rock at the Parr Park Art Rock Trail painted with “don’t outsmart your common sense”

And some were pure silliness.

Pet rock cemetery at the Parr Park Rock Art Trail

But collectively, the rocks filled me with wonder. I marveled at the work that went into creating some of the rock art. The effort to paint the scenes. The time spent to find the perfect rock. How many people poked out their chests as they boasted about their participation in a Guinness record?

The trail served as a reminder of our desire to be a part of something, and a reminder that, regardless of what some people or outlets may make you believe, there are still beautiful somethings to be part of.