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Who is the Metaverse for?

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Who is the Metaverse for?

Is more online what we really need?

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Jake LaCaze
·May 1, 2022·

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How many people are excited about the Metaverse?

Thanks to the pandemic, most of us are living more of lives online than ever before. Some of our recently-developed habits will stick around. But as pandemic fatigue creeps in and as getting the virus is less devastating than it was in the early days—thanks to the vaccines and the less-deadly variants of the virus—is more online what most of us are seeking?

Society was becoming more fragmented before COVID-19 came on to the scene. The pandemic has accelerated that trend.

But does anyone want more Zoom? Even those who never want to return to the office?

What need is the Metaverse filling? Other than Meta's need to grow shareholder value.

To be clear, this is not an anti-technology rant. Technology is great and connects people like nothing else. Until it isn't and until it doesn't. Until it's terrible and until it divides us.

Living fully requires acknowledging and embracing life's paradoxes. I can't help wondering if those pushing the Metaverse aren't taking the time to see the other side.

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