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Using Obsidian as a marketing tool

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Using Obsidian as a marketing tool

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Jake LaCaze
·Aug 5, 2022·

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  • Using Obsidian as a marketing tool

Using Obsidian as a marketing tool

As a marketing department of one, I've come to depend on Obsidian as my professional Swiss Army knife. At times I've struggled with using Obsidian in my personal life (where I now use it as a digital archive). But Obsidian's versatility has made using it in my work days a no brainer.

Below I'll share a few ways Obsidian helps me make sense of my marketing duties.

Writing blog posts

The first use is pretty straightforward. Obsidian's use of Markdown makes it my go-to program when I need to focus solely on writing.

Also, Obsidian's outline view can help you visualize the hierarchy and structure of the major points in your posts.

Screenshot of Obsidian's Outline plugin in action Screenshot of Obsidian's Outline plugin in action

Mind map for content pillars

If you're starting a business blog from scratch, you may want to start with outlining your content pillars.

Of course, when you start writing posts for these pillars, you may have trouble keeping up with what you have and have not created. That's where the Obsidian Mind Map Plugin can help.

After you've created a mind map of your pillars, you can simply add links to the relevant topics. Any topic not featuring a link still needs to be developed.

Obsidian Mind Map plugin for content pillar visual aid Obsidian Mind Map Plugin for content pillar visual aid

One of the worst things you can do to a blog post is leave it stranded. You want to be sure to have relevant internal links between posts to increase the chances potential customers will keep consuming your content and falling in love with your brand. But it can be difficult to keep up with every link going in and out of every blog post.

Creating a flowchart with the Mermaid syntax may be just the thing you need.

Obsidian flowchart using Mermaid syntax Obsidian flowchart using Mermaid syntax

Video scripts

As a lone marketer, I have a hard time creating high-quality video. But who knows what the future holds. So I want to capture those ideas even if they can't be used right now.

The Obsidian Fountain plugin allows you to write scripts in Obsidian while using the Fountain syntax.

Why Obsidian works for me as a marketer

The uses listed in this post are only a fraction of what Obsidian can do. (For example, some marketers use the Obsidian Kanban Plugin to create content calendars.)

The variety of plugins help to make Obsidian the closest thing to an all-in-one program I've used so far.

And best of all, the program is completely free (as in beer) and cross-platform.

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