The Inner Critic

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For over a week now, I've told myself that I need to write a new blog post. And for over a week now, I've failed to deliver. Few drafts get past the idea phase before they're abandoned. Interesting ideas, upon further inspection, quickly find their way into the recycle bin.

The situation is little better for my fiction writing. Perhaps the difference is that being part of a writing group with regular submission deadlines obligates me to push through and deliver something. Still, it hasn't been easy.

My inner critic has been harder than usual to please lately. I'm not sure of the source of the critic's distaste. Perhaps his emotions are cyclical and it's simply time for him to make himself heard.

Surely the pandemic deserves some of the blame. Though I feel better adjusted than in weeks past, the pandemic continues to affect us all. At the least, it has hindered social interactions, which are often a good source for writing ideas and inspiration. I hope more ideas will surface in day-to-day interactions as life gradually pushes toward a new normal.

I suppose a change in technique brings its own woes. When I first got back into writing, I wrote my first drafts using pen and paper.

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Doing so made me feel better connected to the act of writing. I felt more in-tune with the process and I felt as if pen and paper gave me a better feel for the pacing and flow of my writings. That was fine when I was writing short blog posts and flash fiction pieces, but as I increase my ambitions and look to write longer pieces—at least in fiction—writing via computer or tablet and keyboard will be necessary for efficiency's sake.

I know the best strategy is to keep showing up and to keep fighting and to wait the inner critic out, but that doesn't mean it's an easy thing to do.

This isn't the blog post I wanted to write, but at the moment it's all I have. I'm going to hit Publish before the critic convinces me to delete it.

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