Types Of Luck

Photo by Sudipta Mondal on Pexels.com

Luck is a funny thing, if for no other reason than its many forms.

Sometimes good fortune falls into your lap for reasons you can’t explain. These happenings are luck in its purest form: luck for luck’s sake. Or dumb luck.

And sometimes good fortune appears as luck because of our perception, because we choose to see the good fortune as a gift rather than an entitlement.

And then there’s the luck that we can take credit for–the luck that appears due to our actions. This is often referred to as “creating your own luck.”

Regardless of the specific branch, once you accept that nothing in life is guaranteed and that anything good is some form of luck, you can start appreciating all the luck that you already have.

Perhaps identifying the type of luck isn’t nearly as important as simply recognizing luck when it graces us.

P.S. I was having these thoughts before I discovered Naval Ravikant’s podcast episode titled “Make Luck Your Destiny.” Rather than be discouraged by further proof of my lack of originality, I choose to take comfort in the fact I’m not alone in my observations.