Just a few candles short

And now we’re suffering from the very openness and ease of connection that the internet was built on. Because a collection of angry people talking past each other isn’t a community.

from Circles, networks and the trust layer by Seth Godin

Do you ever hear about something so much that you’re convinced you’re missing out by not implementing it in your day-to-day even though you can’t identify a need for it? Obsidian is currently one of those things for me.

“Waffle House Blues”, a short story from MOSFET Magazine

This has me thinking about the time Anthony Bourdain waxed poetic about Waffle House.


“People talk about ego like it’s a bad thing. But our desire to do a good job, our self-trust, our willingness to dance with fear–these are fuel if used properly.”

From Seth Godin: Egomania vs. ego strength

Technology is great, but it’s made certain aspects of storytelling more difficult.

From The Ringer: All Serial-Killer Movies Should Take Place in the Pre-Cellphone Era


One of the most refreshing things about micro.blog: I haven’t seen any gifs or memes. Not that I’m against them completely, but after a few weeks on micro.blog, it’s obvious just how prevalent memes and gifs are on social media in general.

What do you mean you forgot the Blue Bell? Fine, I’ll get it myself.

Today I jumped on a Kindle deal for a Malcolm McLaren biography only to later discover it’s almost 1,000 pages, and now I’m asking if I’m that interested in McLaren’s story.


Imitation of Life

This evening I’ve been listening to R.E.M. for no obvious reason, maybe other than the fact my birthday is on Friday. Which means my mother’s birthday is on Saturday. And later this year I’ll recognize ten years since she’s passed. Time flies when you’re coping, rebuilding, moving on.

R.E.M. was my mother’s favorite band late in her life. I don’t know if she could articulate what exactly about the band drew her in. And I’m not sure she ever identified a favorite tune.

But tonight “Imitation of Life” is resonating with me. Maybe it’s the literalism of the title, which sums up a portion of my life since.

Imitation of life.

The time in which I was going through the motions, trying my best to push forward as I was falling apart inside. The time in which I still had to work through my grief. The time in which I learned so much so fast: about myself, about relationships, about life.

Not that any of that is over and done. The work is still taking place, but the low-lying fruit has been taken care of, and so now is the time for fine-tuning.

And when I look back at the journey–where I started, where I am, and where I hope to one day be–I don’t feel bad if I smile, because I know that the experience wasn’t wasted.

I’m better for it. Because I allowed myself to be. Because I put in the work.

And to quote Kurt Vonnegut:

If this isn’t nice, what is?

When life imitates art

Life tastes good.

Rain, rain go away

Cannon Beach, 2018

Nerding out together

My Sunday happy place

The alien grave in Aurora, TX

The alien grave in Aurora, TX

Cottontail Joe

An old single-serving friend

A precious moment I’d forgotten

When baby naps, the toys must nap.

My very own reserved spot

This SNL skit reminds me of my disbelief upon discovering a recorded document typed in Comic Sans.

For anyone interested in the GameStop/reddit drama, I offer two podcast episodes:

  • An overview from The Journal
  • And a deeper dive into the layers and implications from Prof G


From The Economist: We really can be too clever for our own good.