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The LaCaze house doesn't get many visitors during the season of the virus. Not that we got many visitors before the pandemic, but the lack is more obvious now. However, for the last week or so, we have had a certain visitor hop on over to our back yard from time to time.

The bunnyman cometh

I feared the worst when I was in my back yard and first saw that brown blob in my periphery. Then I was baffled. How did he get here? Was he someone's pet? Then my daughter approached and smacked the bunny a few times—her attempt at a gentle pet not quite what anyone involved desired—and the bunny's staying all but confirmed that he was indeed someone's pet. He continued to hang around, seemingly content just to be around others. Social distancing must have been getting the best of him too.

When he had had his fill, the bunny squeezed underneath our fence to explore our neighbor's yard, and in my mind I sang:

Where did ya come from? Where did ya go? Where did ya come from Cottontail Joe? [1] – YouTube

He has popped in a couple times since that initial visit. Last night we all sat outside and my wife brought him some water in a ramekin. It felt like the old days when you would feed and board someone passing through for a nickel a night.

These random visits from Cottontail Joe are just one example of the desperate pleasures we've come to enjoy in 2020.

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