Giving a shot

Who knows how long I’ll stick around with I have a habit of moving my site from host to host lately. But so far I like what I see, so it’s worth a shot.

Every Day is Significant

Every day is significant. No day is more special than any other because every day is one that will never repeat.

Permission to Fail Granted

If you guys want to be in this club, then you’ve got to get over your fears. So your assignment for tomorrow…is to FAIL!

What have we learned from 2020?

2020 was not a great year. But it was a year. It happened. So let’s see what we can learn from it.

P. S. I apologize that the audio is so quiet. Learning pains, ya know…

The Mandalorian Season 2 Finale was Crap

Search your feelings. You know it to be true.

What if 2021 is worse than 2020?

I hope 2021 is better than 2020, as I hope that each year is better than the last. But we never know what lies ahead.


Have you ever wanted to hear a podcast hosted by the vocal love child of Keanu Reeves and Napoleon Dynamite?