micro.blog Premium is a crazy value

    Only a few days ago, Manton Reece dropped a bomb on the micro.blog community: Subscribers of micro.blog Premium would continue to enjoy the perks they’ve come to know and love for not just one blog—and not two or three or four blogs—but for five blogs1.

    This pricing change is a rare example of a top-tier service getting better and offering even more value to its customers.

    Let’s dig a bit more into the value of micro.blog Premium, both in what it offers and what it doesn’t offer.

    The value in what micro.blog offers

    micro.blog Premium was a great deal before the change. But now we can argue it’s one of the best values on the whole of the internet.

    micro.blog Premium features include but are not limited to:

    • Blog hosting.
    • Podcast feed.
    • Email newsletters.
    • Cross-posting to select social networks.
    • A built-in network of other bloggers.

    Now multiply that times five.

    But not the price. The price stays the same at $10 a month3. Pretty awesome.

    The value in what micro.blog does NOT offer

    micro.blog is a unique platform in that what it doesn’t offer may be just as valuable as what it does offer.

    Below are some things intentionally missing from micro.blog:

    • Social media engagement algorithms2.

    • Likes
    • Follower counts

    Social media engagement algorithms have made it hard to keep up with content and sources we really care about. Likes and follower counts have skewed our perception of what’s worth sharing.

    But you won’t find these features (or bugs?) on micro.blog. You can follow other users, but they won’t really know unless you tell them. The same goes for any of their posts you like—you’ll have to actually tell them you like their posts, in your own words. The act takes a little bit of work, but it really goes a long way.

    micro.blog is an awesome slice of the internet

    With micro.blog, your personal domain is your home on the internet. And with generous pricing, they’re giving users more reason to upgrade to Premium.

    Jake LaCaze loves praising tech companies for doing things right. Unfortunately, the opportunities to do seem to be so few these days.