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This morning was the first time I ever heard “The Thing” by Pixies, a remix of the end of “The Happening”. The spoken word portion—hypnotic and beautiful and chilling—of the original tune remains one of my favorite snippets of music.

Toward the end of my first listen, I realized I had goosebumps, around the time when Black Francis said, “Everyone was remembering to forget they had the chills,” as if on cue.

The title of my post about one of America’s first UFO crashes, “The happening in Aurora, Texas” is a proud reference to the original song. Would the incident have appealed to me if it weren’t for Pixies and their songs about UFOs and aliens and other planets? I don’t believe in little green men in cigar-shaped ships who crash into windmills in old rural Texas. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the stories, the art the beliefs of others inspire.

It’s interesting the not-so-obvious ways influences can shape you and your work. The song and the accompanying thoughts have been a welcome and unexpected early Christmas gift.

Happy holidays

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