My first live music spiritual experience was courtesy of Radiohead in 2008, shortly after I had moved to Texas. Music had been my drug of choice since I was a teenager, and experiencing three members playing the same heavy beat during the beginning of “There, There” reached some primal part of me that had never been touched before.

The song remains my favorite Radiohead tune and has some of my favorite lines:

Just ‘cause you feel it

Doesn’t mean it’s there

How fallible we are, how poor our judgment…

There’s always a siren

Singing you to shipwreck

So many promises sound so pretty yet lead only to disaster…

We are accidents

Waiting to happen

Always reminds me of humanity’s imperfect nature…

I don’t know why this song and that experience are in my head right now, and I don’t know why I feel compelled to write about them in this messy way, but I do and so I am.

Jake LaCaze @jakelacaze