The New Routine

I had just started getting a hold of a routine when the pandemic came along and crapped right on my best efforts. I spent most of 2020 trying to regain some semblance of routine. I’m sure I’m hardly alone in that struggle. The good news is that the last year has given plenty of opportunity to realign my priorities.

Now, in the spring of 2021, the message feels consistent and real for America: There’s reason for optimism. The consensus seems to be that by summer, every American adult who wants the vaccine will have the opportunity to get the jab. And that actually seems to be the worst case scenario now.

Earlier this week, while stuck at a red light in the seemingly busier Dallas-Fort Worth traffic, I caught myself daydreaming about the near future. I let my guard down and started wondering what my immediate post-pandemic future looks like. I was considering the revelation of this past year and beginning to think about the new routine.

The globe won’t go back to normal by summer, as other countries won’t have access to the vaccine. But I’m excited for some sort of progress. If we can’t win the war yet, at least we can win a battle.

Jake LaCaze @jakelacaze